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Mortgage banking clients who engage the law firm of Powers, Kirn & Javardian realize the benefits achieved through the combined resources and experience of Powers Kirn and The Law Offices of Gregory Javardian. Powers, Kirn & Javardian provides representation to mortgage banking institutions which include comprehensive legal advice and solutions regarding residential and commercial foreclosure, risk management, loss mitigation, bankruptcy, eviction, REO management and related matters. The attorneys of Powers, Kirn & Javardian strive to provide the exceptional legal service and professionalism that is to be expected of business partners and trusted advisors.


Powers, Kirn & Javardian, LLC conducts judicial foreclsoure actions on first and secondary mortgage liens secured by real estate located in Pennsylvania. Mortgages secured by New Jersey real estate are handled from the offices of Powers Kirn, LLC.
Foreclosures are handled in all regions of the either state with strict adherence to industry time frames and fees schedules adopted by the government sponsered enterprises or applicable agencies.

Loss Mitigation
Powers, Kirn & Javardian, LLC is engaged in a wide range of activities tailored to address the client’s and borrower’s specific needs for loss mitigation. These activities include solicting workout opportunities designed to assist homeowers in retaining their homes through the completion of forbearance plans, repayment arrangements, and loan modification agreements. The firm is also engaged in preparing deeds-in-lieu of foreclosure and negotiating short sale agreements where homeowners do not seek or are unable to retain an asset.

Bankruptcy and Creditors’ Rights Representation
Powers, Kirn & Javardian, LLC provides creditors with legal representation in bankruptcy proceedings commenced under Chapters 7, 11, 12 or 13 of the United States Bankruptcy Code or adversary proceedings filed in the United States Bankruptcy Court. These activities comprise an array of legal services such as motions for relief from the automatic stay, preparation and filing of proof of claims, defense of claim objections or motions to value, strip, void or reclassify claims, plan review and confirmation objections, and include preparation of accountings or other responsive pleadings that may become necessary or arise in the scope of representation.

Powers, Kirn & Javardian, LLC handles actions for possesion of real property including the eviction of foreclosed borrowers and landlord-tenant proceedings where real property is tenant occupied. These activities invariably include handling contested actions, petitions to stay evictions and negotiating settlements to expedite recovery of possession.

Litigation and Title Defense
Powers, Kirn & Javardian, LLC has extensive experience in handling a variety of litigation matters that range from relatively inexpensive summary judgment motions for routine foreclosure defenses to substantial litigated matters including consumer claims, housing code violations, enviromental related issues, fair credit reporting claims and title defense which can require discovery and possibly a trial to resolve.

Mortgage Fraud and Identity Theft Recovery
Powers, Kirn & Javardian, LLC prosecutes in rem foreclosures in cases of mortgage fraud and identity theft in order to maximize the recovery of collateral and limit the client’s potential liability to an identity theft victim.

Deficiency Actions and Suits on Note
Powers, Kirn & Javardian, LLC handles deficiency actions and suits on notes where foreclosure is either not a viable option or foreclosure alone is not a sufficient remedy.

Title Curative and Clearance
Powers, Kirn & Javardian, LLC performs title curative and clearance services including prosecuting quiet title foreclosure actions, correcting legal descriptions, releasing prior liens and mortgages which remain of record, redeeming and canceling of tax sales preparing and recording of instruments such as assignments, subordination agreements and loan modifications.

Real Estate Sales, Title Closing and Settlement Services
Powers, Kirn & Javardian, LLC handles real estate closings and provides settlement services for clients in relation matters involving either residential or commercial property. Negotiation, document preparation and review of contracts, mortgages, deeds, assignments, leases, subordiation agreements, modification agreements are among the services that are involved when Powers, Kirn & Javardian, LLC represents a client on a real estate matter.

Client Training
Powers, Kirn & Javardian, LLC offers on site client training designed to meet client needs involving regulatory matters and best practices.

Lawyer / Law Firm: Powers, Kirn & Javardian, LLC

Address: 1310 Industrial Boulevard Suite 101
  Southampton, PA 18966

Practicing In: , , ,
Associated People: Greg Javardian, Sarah E. Powers, William M.E. Powers, Jr., William M.E. Powers III, Edward W. Kirn III

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